Dave Lewis
Los Angeles, CA
9 time FPA World Champion
15 Majors
Years playing: 20

Dave has been competing seriously since 1992. In 1993 he teamed up with Arthur Coddington. They began to win smaller tournaments but couldn’t break through at the World Championships. Then in 1996 against a very deep field of players pulled out an upset and went dropless on a rain soaked muddy field in New York’s Central Park to win their first World Title. Lewis and Coddington went on to win a World Title for eight out of the next nine years, winning in both the pairs and 3 person (co-op) event. Dave Murphy was the key player they picked up for the Co-op division that led to their run of 5 Co-op world titles in a row. In 2002 Dave Lewis, along with Dave Murphy starred in a European Nike Freestyle Frisbee commercial. This, along with a subsequent Nike tour headed by Tom Leitner sparked interest in Freestyle Frisbee in Europe and led to a new generation of freestylers who now dominate the sport.

Z Weyand
Santa Monica, CA
Masters Freestyle World Champion
Years Playing: 40
Current Education Director FPA

Z used to be known as Dreamer and a story about his creation of the up-side down “Dream Shot” was included in Dr. Stancil Johnson’s treatise on frisbee. Z was competing in tournaments before freestyle was an event, so he was an overall player who won titles in Guts and competed nationally on many fine ultimate teams. Freestyle was always the original attraction and throughout the late 60’s and 70’s Z invented many moves, throws and catches. Being one of those freestylers who usually didn’t have a partner, Z hooked up with many up and comers and always was a “quality filler” (as he would put it). He has done countless demos including for the Boys Club, Oakland A’s, San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Rams. After all these years he still feels that Frisbee is the sport of the future.