Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle
Volume 2 now available!

At last, Z and I have finally finished Volume 2 of Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle. Thank you for your patience. It's been a long journey. No special effects or fancy production value, just a low budget production with killer content. Well, we hope it's killer content. We review a few basics from volume 1 then move into more advanced freestyle moves, techniques and concepts. In volume 2 we show you the basics of creating the foundation of a solid freestyle game. We review the nail delay and rim delays and show you standard moves as well as how to set up your catches and how to connect moves together. With a little help from our jammer friends like Larry Imperiale, Paul Kenny, Randy Silvey, Skippy Jammer, Joel Rogers, Bob Coleman, Pipo Lopez we also give you insight into how pull off some advanced moves like back rolls, scarecrow brush, turnovers, neurons and against the spin. Volume 2 also includes hot tournament footage of the world's top players. Order now from The Wright Life or Discovering The World,



Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle Volume 1

Volume 1 covers all the basics needed to learn the sport of freestyle frisbee. This DVD was the intro into the sport for many of today's top players. With 50 minutes of content it covers throws such as the wrist flip, the sidearm, the underhand as well as seven trick catches, air brushing and chest rolls. The nail delay , a techinique which allows you to do tons of tricks, is covered as well. There are plenty of highlights from top players pullimg off all types of moves. It will inspire you and get you out there jamming.

To purchase this DVD, you can buy it at Discovering The World, or buy a download at for PC only.